Jan 16, 2011

now for some pics...

Here are the pictures I promised:

Us girls Celebrating Christmas at the Toddler House

Me giving one of our littles with a skin problem his daily oatmeal bath!

One of our boys covering his eyes during his nap time

On Christmas Day, I staged a fun photo shoot for all of our small babies

Here is me and one of my little ladies

I can't get over the little feet sticking out from there swaddles at the end of their cots

Here is Lisa and the baby she named when he came home to us in October

This was us girls at Monte Casino welcoming in the New Year!

I will make it a point to take some more photos this week and get some more up!

Praise Report: I was able to purchase a mobile hotspot thing for my laptop which will give me consistent Internet access! Thank you for your continued prayers. I love and miss you....

1 comment:

  1. Nicole - We spent some time today catching up on your postings. Thank you for all the details and great pictures. It is neat to see and feel the ministry through your postings. We miss you here in the USA but it sounds like God is doing wonderful things through you there in Africa. And like you say you want an adventure.
    Many blessings on your work there
    Kendall, Helen, Alaina


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