Jan 16, 2013

Refreshed and Ready to Go

I've had an amazing and full two weeks since we've chatted last! I spent week before last planning and preparing for last week: a much needed getaway to the Western Cape (which ironically is on the eastern side of the African continent nestled up to the Indian Ocean). My friend Emma, a fellow missionary serving in my neck of the woods with a ministry called Impact Africa, and I were able to get away for 7 whole sleeps to a beautiful part of the Western Cape called Knysna. Emma had some friends who were kind enough to open their homes to us while we were in town and we were beyond blessed with their generous hospitality and the all encompassing beauty of the tiny seaside town.  Those of you who know me well know how cathartic the ocean is for me... some where between the salty breezes and the crashing waves my soul let's out a deep sigh and I am at rest. We did our best to soak up the time away with rest and relaxation designed activities including manicures and pedicures, yummy food, daily reading and journaling, floating in the ocean, lying on the beach and I finally arranged massage I've been promising myself for about a year now. After a week of basically doing nothing I felt very accomplished for spending proper time processing the wild ride of 2012, dreaming dreams for 2013 (more to come on that in a later post) and working my way through 3 books all the while enjoying spending time with Emma. I missed my babies but did get to talk to my big girl on the phone every day, checking in on everyone. I've been back for a few days now and it's been wonderful catching up with everyone and jumping into January feeling refreshed and ready for all that our Father has in store for me and His kiddos at El Roi... and I pray that you are feeling the same!

Here are a few pictures from the last two weeks: 

My Aunties hanging out in the bathroom during our training meeting... laughing pretty hard as each one learned how to refill a particularly sticky hand soap dispenser

Here are few of the kids from the informal settlement behind my house checking me out while I was sitting at my desk. I'm not sure why but they love to come check me out like I'm some zoo animal sometimes... so very funny and a bit of awkward that I pretty used to by now

Here is my big girl helping me bring out the empty water jugs to be filled. Since can't drink the water out of our taps there are some nice guys in our community that weekly help fill our jugs with drinking water at a nearby pump... she is such a big girl and good helper!

This was our first night in Knysna, watching the sun set over the hills that surround the Knysna Bay

We spent some quiet time in Knysna's oldest church... I found this prayer in their Common Book of Prayer that was tucked into the pew in front of me. I ADORE old churches and Emma humored me while we explored a few on our trip!

One of our favorite restaurants was called "Ile de Pain" and we had such a  yummy time eating this ham and cheese on fresh bread with homemade crisps... so delicious!

Confession time: sadly this is the ONLY picture that we took of the two of us. We are enjoying some mini-dougnuts and looking a bit sleepy and grainy but here it is. Proof that I did not holiday alone!

This is was taken at a nearby (gorgeous) town called Plettenburg Bay... another old church!

Don't ask me why but when I saw this warning on a local dock I laughed particularly hard... something about the poor man whose dog was smarter than he was!

All in all so wonderful to be home, catching up with the Aunties and all the babies. Here is my big girl enjoying her "baby-chino" at Mugg & Bean while we caught up yesterday over breakfast. 

Love you, miss you, praise Jesus for your love and support!!!


  1. glad that God gave you rest and refreshment.
    Kim Chew

  2. thanks, sweet friend! by the way, I LOVE THE BIBLE STUDY YOU SENT ME!!!! it has been such a sweet blessing (much like yourself) and i thank our Jesus for it and for you! love you mucho!!!

  3. Looks like a wonderful and refreshing time. So glad you were blessed, Nicole. Love you. Judy

  4. Nicole, so glad you were able to get some time away! You even sound refreshed in your writing:) Been praying for you and think of you often. Miss you!

  5. Hi love. How wonderful your getaway sounds. Custom made to include all you favorite things! You are my favorite!

  6. thanks, friends! i miss and love you guys, too!

  7. It is encouraging to see you are taking care of yourself. I love the pictures, especially the beautiful children...xxooTresie


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