Mar 17, 2012

A Few Pictures for Fun...

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Birthday to my brother, Robert! As a festive holiday treat and present for my brother I thought I would post a few pictures:

 Here are my Queen Bee's cute feet. One of the cutest things she does is crossing her ankles for the majority of her day like a proper member of royal society should. So very cute!

 Lisa and I took two of our toddlers who are soon to be adopted to our favorite mexican restaurant, Cafe Mexicho, for some socialization last week. This is one of the pictures I managed to take holding them while Lisa was in the bathroom. Not a super great shot but perfect for the blog!

 Here our big man A chilling on the table after our yummy meal was complete. Both kids were perfect angels and big hits with everyone who walked by!

 As you may have heard the last 3 weeks have been pretty hectic in our biggest baby house with a fast spreading illness that ended up sending 4 our of little to the hospital. Thank you for all of your prayers. I currently have 8 babies still on antibiotics and 1 little girl still in the hospital. Please pray that we do in fact have the bug under wraps, that no one else will require hospitalization and that baby "H" gets better and discharged soon!

 At BH1 we have a bunch of big babies who are in the pulling themselves up on furniture and cruising all around the furniture... we are going to have some walkers soon!

 Part of my job is to take and send recent photos of all of the babies being matched... as most parents know you have to take about a 100 bad ones to get 10 good ones. This is one of the rejects of one of our girls' photo shoots. 

 Here is one of my BH1 big babies cruising around in one of our wakers... he is so fast!

 One of our BH3 boys is 6 months old and super advanced... crawling like a pro and already pulling himself up in his cot and on furniture. Here is he trying to escape during a photo shoot...

At BH1 in our big babies department all but 2 are eating cereal in the mornings. How they do it is set up all the "bumbo" seats and they all take turns waiting to eat and it is the cutest thing to watch! Here is a picture of one of our little men waiting his turn!

Love you guys! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! I am a blessed girl...

Hugs and kisses from Nicole and her babies

Mar 5, 2012

March Madness... I Hope Not!

Happy March! The passage of time continues to amaze and astound me. I find it hard that I’ve already been back in South Africa for over a month. In some ways it feels like this has been the longest month ever but then it feels like I was just happily sipping a caramel macchiato back in CA. Weird. So, confession time: I am writing this blog from my bed. And yes, it has been that kind of week. I had every intention of spending the afternoon in the office, updating my blog and catching up on emails but I cannot seem to forsake my comfy pillows for my squeaky office chair. I’ll upload it tomorrow! This week has included but was not limited to:

-       One amazing visit with my sweet boy’s adoptive family at Baby House 2
-       Two beautiful handovers where 2 families met their babies for the first time
-       Three babies starting cereal for the first time including my Queen Bee at Baby House 3
-       Seven babies carted to Big Shoes to see our pediatrician, Janet
-       Seventeen hours sitting in Casualties (what we call our emergency room) with 2 sick baby girls who both are currently in the hospital with chest infections

And those are just a few highlights… that may be why I can’t get out of bed this afternoon!

Saying goodbye to the little man I named has been a multi-layered process that I’m still trying to identify and work through. I am confident that he was matched with the family that our Father chose for him. They are a delightful, kind and unassuming family who already love him. He has an older brother who is three, adorable, curious and friendly. I can see them years from now charming their way out scuffles, defending one another, giving their sweet mother grey hair and making friends with everyone they meet. I am convinced that the love Christ coming through me has made it’s mark on JJ’s soul and I am praying that when the time comes when he encounters Jesus’ love in grown up ways that it will familiar and safe. I guess this whole handover process all boils down to surrender. Not just the physical handover, leaving the baby I’ve loved like my own for over a year in the arms of strangers, but surrendering all my perceived rights and privileges of loving him special. Within the context of Door of Hope everyone knew that the relationship I shared with JJ was special, unique and identifiable but when I handed him to his parents I also had to hand over that “right” to the Lord. It has been a hard three weeks… waiting for bits of news about how his transition was going, what name his parents had decided to give him and anticipating their visit where we would have to say goodbye and he would head home to Sweden for good. I had to continually ask the Lord to remind me that His invest of love in JJ’s life through me is of eternal worth and that it cannot be diminished by the passage of time or the forgetfulness that time often brings. This past Wednesday JJ and his family came to tour Baby House 2 and it was such a special time. They were super cute, videoing me the whole time, asking me to recount stories of his time with us and asking many questions about his time with us.  They took pictures by his cot, of his friends and a group shot of all the Aunties on duty. They brought treats for the staff and a sweet, silver necklace pendant for me. His mom “wore” him in a wrap but JJ was all smiles, reaching for me the minute he saw my face. As I walked them to the door I was able to hug each of them and kiss my boy’s face for the last time. I pray that we will meet again, that somehow, someway that I will be able to bear witness to the testimony of his precious life. I pray that our good and gracious God will woo JJ to Himself and redeem his soul. I pray that one day I will be able to introduce him to all of you as we gather together to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Until that glorious day I will choose to entrust my boy to the One who made him, the One who knows him and will always love him best.

Thank you for all of the prayers and beautiful words of kind love and support. The transition back to work and life here has been rough in comparison to when I first moved here. I think there have just been a lot of transitions and changes all at once complied with new babies to get to know and love, JJ’s adoption, a new roommate and the realization that I won’t be back in CA for a long time has made it a lonely couple of weeks for me. However I am more convinced than ever that this is EXACTLY where the Lord wants me loving and serving and I am delighted to be back  with my babies! Please be praying for baby G and baby A, two of my little girls who are currently in the hospital fighting chest infections. Please pray for healing, swift recoveries and that we will find supernatural favor from the hospital staff members who care caring for my girls. I am grateful for your prayers and love. I thank our Jesus for you every time He brings one of you to mind.

Hugs and blessings,

Nicole and her babies

P.S. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment... also check out to check out some recent video work done for us by our good friend Margie Drane! 

 One of my new able men... 

 Another sweet man on his first day with us!

 The itty bitty hand of one of my new girls

One of the promo photos for the video work done by Margie

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