Jan 30, 2013

Showers of Blessing!!!

We've just had a shower of blessings in the last two weeks! I feel blessed, supported and encouraged in amazingly deep and rewarding ways. I am so very thankful for the way that God provides and uses His kids to further the work of HIS hands at El Roi and at Refilwe in general. Thank you to those of you who really showered blessing on us, and on me, in these past 2 weeks!

Ezekiel 34:26 says: "I will bless them... I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing." I am thanking God today for this new season, for the blessing that He's already brought to us in 2013. Ironically in the midst of such a wonderful two weeks I have also battled intensely with fear. Last year it seemed like whenever something "good" happened it was swiftly followed by a proverbial kick to the shins, and when I hit the ground it was quickly followed by another kick to the head. I know that this year will hold opportunities for me to grow in grief, learn from rebuke and mature through trial just like last year did but I don't want that awareness to rob me of the joy that today has brought. I am praying that in the midst of whatever 2013 holds in store for me that I will experience  what our Lord has promised me in His Word. That He will be near to me in EVERY season, that He will never leave me or forsake me, that He is Lord over all and that He is faithful to complete the good work that He has begun in me. 

Please pray for me that I will guard my heart and mind from fear. Please pray that I will be able to rejoice in the gifts and blessings God has seen fit to give us in 2013... and pray that I will be able to clearly hear our Daddy's voice in my heart and head as I continue to seek to serve love on His precious children of all ages here at Refilwe.

Here are some pictures depicting just some of the many blessings that were showered down on us in the past two weeks:

 Our toddler has had 2 major firsts! We have helped celebrate her first week at preschool and her first two weeks of working on her potty training! She really is such a clever girl... the potty training is going really well and she loves school! We are helping her sort out what are good things to pick up at school (stickers for obedience and art projects) and what things should stay at school (bad behaviors like biting or whining)... all in all we are so excited for and proud of our growing girl who almost runs to school everyday!

Every once in a while at DOH we would get visits from adoptive families who were visiting RSA and this month an adoptive father and grandfather of one of the children I got to love on at DOH were in South Africa for such a visit. They had heard about DOH's efforts in helping to open a new baby house at Refilwe and they chose to come and see us El Roi! 

 They came with gifts of clothes, blankets and toys for the babies and even had special gifts in tow for our Aunties. Here is our big girl with a dolly they brought her and Auntie Bertha holding her book and perfume that came all the way from Europe just for her!

 It was such a blessing to show them Refilwe and the new baby house, to have them meet the our babies and hear about this new adventure the Lord has opened up for me 

 One of the great things about having such a large community and property at Refilwe is the ability to host many short term missionary teams like this one from Alabama! This group came with a whopping 5 suitcases filled with clothes, blankets and medicines for our babies. They also spent a few days helping us organize closets, sort donations, weed in the yard and love on our kiddos... thank you for the blessing team!

I had some friends who took me to the grocery store and pharmacy and basically said; "fill  up the cart" at each store and I did! I filled the carts with over R8,000 of supplies for the Baby House and a few sweet treats for our Aunties. It was a surreal and very special afternoon... they said they felt like Santa Claus and I felt like it was Christmas Day!

Speaking of Christmas, I have a friend from CA who was kind enough to ship over Christmas presents for the babies and the package finally arrived!!! I just love getting to extend such a wonderful season all the way into January! The package contained the cutest brown baby doll for our big girl I have ever seen as well as some cute summer PJs that we've already begun to put to good use... thanks for thinking of us Gray Family!!!

A good friend of mine, Emma, serves with another local NGO called Impact Africa. I have had the honor of supporting her the last few months as they've prepared to open the very first Baby Safe (just like DOH's "Hole in the Wall" in Berea) in one of our largest informal settlements called Diepsloot. This past Friday I was able to attend their official Baby Safe opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. I couldn't help but tear up praising God for the babies who He will rescue through that safe! Please be praying for Emma and her Staff as they embark on this new adventure of rescuing and referring abandoned babies in Diepsloot. (You can learn more about Impact Africa at http://www.impactafrica.org)

This past week Refilwe opened a brand new community health clinic literally 20 steps from my front door... and to make matters even BETTER the lovely people who serve there make house calls. Today Sister DeeDee came to our very own living room to administer immunizations for our kiddos! Unless you've personally endured the trial of taking your kids to get immunized at a public health clinic here in RSA I don't think you can fully appreciate what an absolute treasure this is... no more crowed and long queues, no more crazy stares and no more doubt that our babies will actually be able to be up-to-date on all their immunizations! Sadly this is the only picture I was able to grab of the grand event while holding the babies for their injections... notice the tiny baby foot on the bottom left : ) but I promise to document this ongoing relationship better the next time they are visiting!

Thank you for all of your continued love, prayers and support!
Much love and many hugs and kisses from Nicole and the babies at El Roi

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  1. God is doing more than you ever imagined, that is for sure. Thank you for sharing your prayer requests. We are praying your requests and can't WAIT to see those sweet babies.....oh and you too! :-)
    xo melbelle and Rob


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