Feb 18, 2011

a week in pictures

I have had a wonderfully full last week or so. I have been loving living with the 3 lovely ladies and I have been enjoying spending time with the babies and aunties at Baby House 2... lot's of learning and babies and fun. I decided to highlight a few of the adventures in pictures below:

One of the fun things about this week is that I had the chance to see my "small babies" almost every day because I've been starting most days at Baby House 1 before heading to Baby House 2. They are growing so big and are so cute. Here are two of my boys holding hands:

This is me and one of the little men that arrived last week. He is our tiniest little guy at BH2 and he is uber cute, sleeps and eats like a champ:

I have been loving getting to know all of the new babies at BH2, here are feet of one of my littles as we are playing outside:

On Wednesday of this week Lindsay, Lisa and I took 8 of our babies to Big Shoes where we meet with our pediatrician, Janet. It was a handful of fun, Lindsay and I had a baby each in a moby wrap, 2 in arms and 4 in car seats. It was a riot but it was a successful trip all in all. Here is me and my little in the moby wrap:

Here are Lindsay and Lisa entertaining two of our little men while we wait for our turn:

One of our new babies came with us to Big Shoes and Janet didn't like what she was seeing in him. He is 4 weeks old and had some warning signs of Sepsis. Lisa and I ended up taking him to the hospital on Janet's referral and he was admitted for Sepsis straight away. I had the chance to see him on Thursday and he was already looking better. Please be praying for baby "S" and that he is returned to our care healthy and soon! Here are the 2 of us waiting in the emergency room to be seen by a doctor:

Beth, Clair, Lisa and I finally got to make it to Moyo this week! It is one of Beth and Clair's favoirite places in Jo-berg. It had the BEST atmosphere, we lounged on couches, had our faces painted, listened to awesome live music and enjoyed delicious food. Here is a pic of us sitting on our couch before we ordered complete with painted faces:

BUT the very BEST part of my week was spending time with my Jackson. Here are some pictures of you to feast your eyes on! This is our very picture together. It's blurry, my hair is wreck but I love it because it was such a great night:

Here he is basking in the sun after a diaper change:

Here are his precious little feet:

Jackson cuddling up with his bear in his cot. He likes to have cozy things up near his face when he is sleepy and he adores his dummy:

One of the weird things here about Jo-berg is their "we don't care if your kids are in car seats" lack of a law. However it is helpful when you have an unexpected pick up. Jackson came and spent the night with us on Sunday night because he had an appointment for an infection on his hands. Please be praying for his hands to heal up all the way. Here we are in the car together:

I have been "wearing" Jackson every chance I get! Here we are in his room posing for a pic:

Thank you so much for all of your continued prayers, love and support. One of the best part of getting to name Jackson is getting to honor a family that lost a Jackson of their own. Please take the time read about their story at http://knitsofgrief.blogspot.com/. I am so grateful that our God is able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine. He redeems, He restores and He heals. I am thanking Jesus for each of you today... Miss you and love you!


  1. Hi Nicole,
    I thank God for the blessing you are. We miss you so much, and I am overjoyed to hear that children of the King are being loved by you while they otherwise would not know love. You bring joy to my heart.

    I love you!

  2. sweet karina, i love you very much. thank you for the kind words. it was wonderful to talk to you on thursday. i miss you!!! ~nicole


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