Mar 19, 2013

Gettin' Ready Rag

I come from highly musical origins and I typically have a melody running through my head all day long. I wake up with an internal soundtrack already running before my feet hit the floor and I often have a song singing me to sleep at night. I’ve have had a song from one of my favorite musicals, Ragtime, playing on repeat for over a week now. It’s an insignificant track nestled among heart wrenching ballads and epic showstoppers called “Gettin’ Ready Rag”. I have felt like this whole month has been one painstakingly slow march to get me to the 30th of March when a group of 17 from Valley Bible Church will finally find themselves on South African soil. Finally! Among the precious friends coming to visit me I will also get to have a whole week to love on my darling nephew Parker and his precious parents! I have been spending time working on details of the teams’ ministry activities but more than that I feel like it’s an emotional “gettin’ ready”. I am so excited to introduce dear family and friends to my babies and the life that God has brought me to here in RSA. And very glad that they will be able to bring back stories, pictures and a little piece of my heart to the people I so desperately miss! Please be praying for our time together… that the team is protected, blessed, useful and most importantly used by our Savior to encourage and bless all of the people they will meet along the way.

Love you all tons and praise Jesus for your prayers and love… here are a few pictures to help brighten your day!
 Manicures for my little toddler and one of her friends, Bella! 

 Me and my big girl out for breakfast at Mugg & Bean... she loves being out and about!

Here is my long legged man chilling out on my couch... he is so long and lanky... never growing wider just longer every day!

 Here is Baby "L" who was too tired to stay awake, even when we sat her up in the Bumbo... so funny to see her drooping head wobbling all over the place!

 Here is our big girl just chilling on the couch... trying to keep me from making my way into the office! She is my little shadow and would love to spend every waking minute with me! Such an honor (and a bit hectic sometimes as well -- she is teaching me whole new things about being a "mommy")!

 Weird new bug of the day! Seriously, you know you live in Africa when you see a bug on the way above your bed and you address it, saying, "You know, you're not scary enough to bother to kill... just don't fall on my head while I am sleeping and we'll both be fine!"

 We've also had a family of monkeys hanging out at our house for the last two weeks or so. They are getting braver by the minute. Last week they came into our kitchen and swiped a loaf of bread right off the counter! 
 This is my dear friend Megan. She has been such a help to me at the Baby House, staying up with me through countless night shifts as well as being a thoughtful and patient support as we do life together at Refilwe. I just though her sunny face needed a shout out! 

We recently happened upon a store that stocks and sells goodies that are from America! I wish I could express in words how excited we were to have the opportunity to have treats from home and how ridiculous we must have looked loudly rejoicing over silly things like real Diet Coke, York Peppermint Patties and Lucky Charms! Silly Americans! 

Here is a smile to send you on your way! Thanks for checking in! Sending you much love and many hugs and kisses from me and all the babies at El Roi!

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