Jul 5, 2013

Happy 4th of JULY?!

Happy 4th of July! What?! Where in the world did June go? I swear, I blinked and June was finished. Gone. Done. Strange. Anyways.... 
Happy 4th of July! Last night the Americans on site hosted a fun BBQ (that's right, bbq NOT a braai) to help celebrate the 4th. The night was complete with chili dogs, potato salad, s'mores and sparklers! We had a fun time together and got to introduce people from South Africa, the UK and the DRC (and I'm sure a few others) to a really fun American tradition. Even if it was the coldest BBQ I've ever attended it was a really wonderful night. Thanks, Megan, for the wonderful idea!!!

June was wonderfully busy and fun and amazing! 

We celebrated our 2nd adoption here at El Roi at the beginning of June and it was an extremely JOYFUL placement. Both mommy and baby were literally wide-mouthed with joy. When I placed bubbly baby "L" into his excited mommy's arms their joy bounced off one another, escalating into audible squeals of joy coming from both of them! It was so fun to see and the placement went perfectly from there, with baby "L" loving being in his mommy's arms while I told her all about him. 


Our newest baby girl is now 10 weeks old and doing so well. Her cheeks pretty much dominate her whole face and expressions. She is growing nicely and our pediatrician only had good things to say about her for her first well-baby check up yesterday. She is fitting in well with our family and we are excitedly awaiting our next prince or princess to arrive... any day now, I'm sure!


Everyone is growing so big! Our first little rockstar is now crawling and just this week we found him standing happily in crib when he woke up from a nap. It's been such a joy watching each little one's personalities continue to emerge and develop as they grow and learn from each other. 


Our big girl continues to impress, challenge and encourage me daily. She is such a sweet big sister in the house -- comforting and helping with the small ones, recognizing their cries and giving them constant loves. She finished her 2nd quarter at our Refilwe preschool and had improved in all of her weak areas from last quarter. She can easily count to 20 on her own, can be found singing "Jesus Loves Me" and the cute days of the week song almost everyday. She is a crack up and is getting more and more verbal which is astonishing to witness. One of my recent favorites include what she says when she wants you to repeat something she says, "What say you?" So funny! Makes me feel like I'm a character in some recently uncovered unpublished Shakespearean comedy that revolves around spit up, dirty nappies, midnight feedings and vervit monkeys. 


We also welcomed our very first El Roi international volunteer! Whitney has already transitioned beautifully into our home and came at the absolute perfect time. She is already handling shifts on her own and the babies adore her already. Especially our little rockstar (the one in the blue hoodie) who loves to crawl all over her! Please join me in praying for her time her... that the Lord would meet all of her needs and bless her for her willingness to come and love on our littles!


God continues to give me joy in each day. Pictured laughs above include baby yoga sessions with our rockstar and spontaneous dress up session when my girl decided that Megan needed to wear her Dutch mittens and hat. We've had some cold winter nights but in general we have been enjoying sunny afternoons and the wall heaters in our bedrooms and playroom. This past weekend was especially exciting for us at El Roi because the church I am apart of here (City Life Church) featured us in their services this past weekend! City Life has chosen El Roi to be one of the church's giving projects and have arranged some exciting support opportunities for the congregation this month. You can hear Pastor Gini sharing about us if you download the message "Jesus to the City" from 30 June at www.citylifechurch.co.za. I was able to be in both services and it was so wonderful to chat with so many people about what God is doing with His babies in our home. 

In other news of God's GREAT, AMAZING, GENEROUS, HUMBLING, AWE-INSPIRING, provision many of you know that I've been dealing with a sick car named Stanley (pictured above running a fever). He's been overheating and running poorly and finally had to be hauled away for repairs that are more expensive than he's actually worth. I had been gearing up to start fundraising for a new vehicle when I am in the US next month HOWEVER God had already provided the funds I need to get a reliable, secondhand vehicle who I've already named Eddie in honor of the family who is helping me purchase him!!! I am getting teary-eyed even now as I type these words. I am cared for by and serve such a loving, all-knowing, tender, precious God. I am sure we all have areas of our lives that makes us feel particularly weak and for some reason, for me, I feel more single and incapable when dealing with car issues. Mainly because that is an area of life that I would make my (hypothetical) husband handle so usually handling car issues makes me a bit of a mess. It has been such a blessing to walk through this situation feeling protected, peaceful and provided for. Thank you to everyone who has sent me words of encouragement, fetched me on the side of the road, contributed to Eddie's eventual purchase and continue to pray that God would have His way in all areas of my ministry... including transportation for the babies and me!

I will be visiting the US in just a few short weeks! I am so excited to see my family and friends in California and Colorado. I am ready to join my fellow Californians melting in the summer sun! Would you please join me in (already) praying for my trip home and all the beautiful chaos that is going to shoved into the few short weeks I am home?! For favor during my travels, protection for my babies and aunties while I am away and that He be glorified in all things! 

Love you, appreciate you and thank our gracious God for your willingness to continue to participate in my hopeful adventure! 
nicole & the babies and El Roi


  1. Love it! Love you. Great post, so full of gods grace and provision. I can't wait to see you. Soon!

  2. This is such an encouraging post! I am hoping we can have coffee when you are home. Please let me know if we can schedule an appointment.


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