Apr 6, 2010

A Video From Door of Hope

Hi friends!

I CANNOT believe that we are already into the month of April! March flew by bringing lots of rain, tons of work (at church and night nannying), a new laptop (yay for skype and video messaging while I'm in SA), family birthday celebrations and the exciting news that my sister, Melinda is expecting a new baby this September!

I am so excited to welcome another precious niece or nephew into our family!

We have lots of fun and as you can see Isaiah, AJ and I are super excited about the new baby:

My main reason for blogging today was to show you a new video from Door of Hope sharing a bit more about the ministry there and what I will be doing while I am at DOH. Here is the video:

Please continue to pray with me as I prepare for my time in South Africa. I have pushed back my departure time a few weeks so that I will be able to meet the new baby. I am hoping to depart during the week of October 17th.

I am grateful for this past weekend's celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Christ has died and Christ is risen and Christ will come again! Praise the Lord! Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

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