Jan 27, 2010

It Has Been FOREVER!

Hi friends!

It has been FOREVER since I've blogged! Pretty much ever since I moved back to CA. Yes, I did make it back safely and have not dropped off the face of the planet!

I moved back and promptly began working 70+ hour weeks working as the Office Manager at Valley Bible Church and as a night nanny by night. It has been a whirlwind but God has been so kind and generous to me! The transition home has been relatively bump free and I feel so blessed be able to be present in my family's life for this season.

I am continuing to push towards South Africa and planning on heading over sometime in September. I will be purchasing my ticket in May sometime. Support letters are in process, please shoot me your address if you would like me to send you one at nicolegillette@gmail.com.
Last night I was reading a devotional from Dietrich Bonhoeffer and was encouraged by the following:

"True fellowship should empower us to be bold and take risks for the sake of Jesus Christ and should prepare us to face life in all its challenges. Thus while we may bring to the fellowship our pain and fears and our hopes and dreams, we finally have to walk the road ourselves."

I am so thankful for the fellowship that sounds me here in CA, CO and beyond! Even though the unknown of this life's adventures has me unsure and hopeful all at once I know I am surround by such a great cloud of witnesses and therefore I will run this race marked out for me. Thank you for loving me! I praise Jesus for you!
Here are some fun pics of the last couple months:

Me, Ben, Allison, Dan and Justin at the FUN concert!

Knox and I manning the Front Desk

Dan and Em on Christmas morning...happy surprise pictures for my new camera!

Thanks mom and Dad!

Ashlee and I getting in line for the new-ish Toy Story ride in California Adventure

Sweet Disneyland snuggles with my nephew AJ


  1. You have officially been added to the blogroll! CONGRATS!

  2. Hi Nicole - I'd love to make a contribution - please shoot me an email with details. Glad you're doing well! Tina

  3. Nicole! I am so excited for you! Please keepu up the blog updates as it gets closer and when you are over there! I wanna hear more!


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