Aug 4, 2010

Arizona Outreach 2010

Last month I had the privilege of traveling with 90+ friends and family to Teec Nos Pos, Arizona on VBC's Arizona Outreach 2010! It was my 8.5th time (half-trips from CO help make it a .5 total) visiting the Navajo Reservation serving alongside Immanuel Mission. Every time I leave the paved highway and begin bouncing up and down on the hard-packed red dirt roads something starts to settle in my bones that says "Welcome Home"! I have so many wonderful, challenging, exciting, hysterical and touching memories tied to this piece of mostly forgotten yet strangely sacred land. This year's Outreach did not disappoint and provided me new opportunities to be challenged, grow and love others with the love that Christ has for me.

I adored getting to know the team members (so many high school students and grown ups that were new to me -- like the Robb)!

I was so blessed to reconnect with the Chee family (the Navajo family I've had a chance to build a relationship with over the past years).

I was given the chance to help direct and create a brand new drama presentation and those who had roles did a phenomenal job!!!

I was able to serve alongside my sister-in-law Emily!

I had the chance to reconnect with my friend and fellow missionary, Louanne Henderson.

I also feel like the Father allowed me to endure hardship and trials in areas that I'm not typically challenged in (for example, I lost my voice halfway through the trip and spent many days directing rehearsals and assigning vehicles with a distinct rasp)! I took it as a reminder that I need to be covered in prayer and "armed" in all areas of my life as I head to South Africa. To continue to seek those who will faithfully pray for me and intercede on my behalf to the One who knows what I will encounter and be invited to endure. Thank you to those of you who are praying. Please continue to lift my up in prayer and please feel free to share anything the Holy Spirit shares with you about my adventure to be. I have the sinking suspicion that I'm going to need all the help that can get!
I love you guys, thanks for taking time check in on the continuing adventure....

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