Oct 2, 2010

This is for reals...

I can't believe that, Lord willing, this time next month I will be posting from Johannesburg, South Africa...another continent, yo!

I had such a fabulous day with my sweet family today. I took Isaiah and AJ to the build-a-bear workshop, held baby Noah for at least an hour after his first sponge bath and had a relaxing (and very delicious) dinner with Dan & Em while skyping with my mom and dad who are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary. I am one blessed little lady!

Today at the build-a-bear workshop with the boys, I chose to record a message for each one to be tucked in their little bears to remind them how much their Auntie Colie loves them. Just as I pushed the record button to start recording a huge (and unexpected) lump rose in my throat as my eyes smarted with tears. I am going to miss these boys, my family, my life while I am away.

Although I am completely blessed with a "love the ones your with" kind of mentality that will help me dive into live at DOH I know that this adventure I am embarking on comes with costs. High costs. Worthy costs, but high ones nonetheless. I am going to miss Isaiah excitedly sharing his latest idea or request with his little nose pressed against mine. I am going to miss AJ's sweet and encouraging words that come from the sweet mater of fact i-love-you-for-you place in his heart. I am going to miss Noah's first smiles and laughs, missing out on getting to watch his personality shape firsthand. And that's just with the boys!

I could go on and on about who and what I'm going to miss (pumpkin spice lattes and Em's shortbread cookies, for example) but I know that serving the One I love most comes with a cost. There are things I must forfeit in pursing this adventure. But He is worth it. His glory is worth it all. I believe and I know it... I think I just needed to remind myself tonight.
18 days and counting...

Sweet Baby Noah Jordan sleeping with his little half-grin -- less than a week old!

Our futile attempt at a group photo using my camera phone

Their bears sans the Star Wars outfits they picked out for their bears

He is just so sweet! I really can't get enough of him...

Emily's jam shortbread cookies that she whipped up in 15 minutes flat!

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  1. It was great to meet you today, Kate and I will be creating a blanket brigade for your new adventure as soon as you give us the word to begin! God Bless Your Journey! We will be praying for you.

    Tere Carns


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