May 18, 2016

I Wanna Be Like Jimmy...

I love Jimmy Fallon. I always say that if I could be BFFs with anyone "famous" it would be him. I adore his late night show (although I only watch it sporadically thorough clips posted on Youtube) and he can always, ALWAYS make me laugh. I seriously have a file on my computer of funny videos that I specifically keep to watch on my hardest days... 80% feature him. One thing I appreciate about his show is his ability to help his guests, co-workers and audience members feel at home and safe in Studio 6-B... at least that it what it feels like to the person watching it on her laptop 8,000 miles and 7 Time Zones away. 

Recently, Megan Trainor was on the show performing her song "Me Too" in a beautiful, sequined dress, singing well and moving pretty deftly around stage in super tall platform-y heels. At the very end of the song she reaches for her mic and tumbles to the floor when one of her ankles betray her in previously mentioned (now notorious) heels. At this point in time Jimmy is already addressing the audience and is on his way to her side. Instead of rushing her to her feet, cutting to commercial or editing the mistake out of the show altogether he chooses to lie on the floor beside her, look into her eyes and just be with her in the midst of the mistake. After a moment he helps her rise to her feet, makes a comment about the moment and the mistake, thanks her and encourages people to check out her music. And I have watched the clip at least 10 times already and it makes me love him all the more. 

I want to be like Jimmy at 3:45 in the Youtube clip below. I want to lay down beside people who are suffering, even the ones who are suffering at their own hand. To acknowledge unashamedly that we all make mistakes, that bad things happen and that even then we can do life together. I don't want to ignore or brush by or edit out suffering, failure, sin or pain in myself or others. I want to be willing to lay myself uncomfortably down (notice the sparkly mic digging into his shoulder blade) for the sake of meeting others where they are at. To pull them to their feet and point out the good and well-done in the midst of the training and failing and starting over that life provides. I want to live humbly and honestly and allow others to do the same for me in my fall to the floor moments... public and private ones.

I am grateful for the people in my life who have laid beside me in my weak moments, spoke truth into my life and pulled me to my feet so I could move forward. To learn from my mistakes, to make wiser decisions and to be even more grateful for the beautiful and mysterious grace of Christ in which I live. I want to be like Jimmy but even more I want to be like Christ... who even on my darkest days is right there beside me. Holding me close and calling me to better. Speaking truth into the good and hope into the grimmest parts of my heart. Standing beside me as a friend and encourager. Covering me in His perfection and hiding me in His love.

I am thankful that God let Jimmy and I be alive on this planet at the same time. We will probably never meet (although I'd love to make it to Studio 6-B one day -- #bucketlist) but I am blessed to witness who God has made him to be and for the opportunity to pray for Jimmy to fully come to know the One who loves and knows him best!

P.S. Thanks for all of you who have been praying for the babies and I this past week. We are managing to make it though the virus and are feeling healthier and happier as each day passes. We are so glad to have you on our team :) 

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