Jun 23, 2016

God is in the business of creating families!

Last week we celebrated our 17th adoption at El Roi! Our sweet girl L is now happily in the arms of her Forever Family... a mommy, daddy and big brother who was also adopted from South Africa. One of the perks of this calling is having the opportunity to watch a family birthed right before your eyes. My wounded heart, smarting from an always painful goodbye is soothed by the promise of Psalm 68:6a coming to life in a long awaited and hoped for instant. A family of three finally becomes a family of four. Prayers are answered. Hopes are fulfilled. A new adventure begins. It is amazing to behold... and it never, ever, gets old! 

This little princess had such a unique and beautiful personality... independent, silly, introspective, stubborn and loving. A smile that is wide and accompanied by two of the deepest dimples I've ever had the privilege of admiring up close. I will remember the resoluteness living her eyes when she had decided to be stubborn about something. I will remember the funny season when she decided to call me "dada". I will remember her infectious laugh and the sweet satisfaction of a hard earned smile. I will remember her spontaneous, dive bomb hugs that would surprise and delight me. I will remember how we waited and prayed for her match to be approved for over six months and the joy when we finally heard word of her Forever Family making their way to fetch their baby girl. 

I believe that God's works are perfect and ALL His ways are just but there are times when my heart needs to be reminded. There are times when I need to pray that God would help my unbelieving heart. I am thankful for stories like L's that I will be able to look to when my heart needs encouragement. From the moment of her inception her good, good Father was working out a way to get her to the family he had created for her. I love adoption. I am so grateful that God adopted me. 

God is in the business of creating families!

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